In Need of a Manufacturing Solution for Sage 50 or Quickbooks?

Look No Further Bottom Line Accounting can Help with MISys

MISys is an affordable manufacturing system that integrates with accounting packages such as Quickbooks and Sage 50. Working with MISys allows you to add manufacturing functionality without having to disrupt your entire organization and budget.

When working with MISys you can choose modules that fit your current requirements as well as leave room for additional functionality. This way you can work with ebbs and flows of your business. The cost of changing your current accounting system to try and find a manufacturing system to match can be very costly and can be so much more work. MISys allows you to integrate these powerful systems and go beyond what other manufacturing and accounting systems can do.

Below are benefits to working with MYSys:

  • Extensive tracking of manufacturing inventory and work in process (WIP). Other systems help you maintain an inventory. MISys is designed to help you maintain NO inventory. Like other inventory systems, MISys can tell you what you have in stock and where its located. For MISys Manufacturing customers, that's simply not enough. Our customers enjoy a typical savings of 25-50% in inventory and associated carrying costs (like insurance, floor space, physical management, etc.) because MISys has the ability to order only what you need, when you need it.
  • Multi-level bills of material with full explosion down to 16 levels deep.
  • Net-change physical inventory with cycle counting.
  • Batch-oriented or direct entry of all stock transfer transactions.
  • Full back-flushing of all assembly transactions.
  • Choice of standard, average, LIFO, or FIFO costing methods.
  • Cost adjustment with roll-up through all BOM levels.
  • Work orders to document and track production activity.
  • Extensive reporting using industry-standard report generator (Crystal Reports).
  • Record detailed stock status for all inventoried items.
  • Track inventory in multiple locations.
  • Maintain inventory levels with minimum, maximum, and reorder points.
  • Instantly display transaction history, where-used (BOM implosion), and outstanding order status.
  • Can optionally allow or prevent negative inventory levels

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